We connect and develop data science talents to help people and organizations in their path to continued growth.

Data science is playing an increasingly important role in companies across a wide range of industries. With today’s computing power and the rise of techniques such as statistical modelling and machine learning, the potential of you as a data scientist is greater than ever.

The impact of data science on our society is therefore growing more significant every day. However, to be successful it is important to learn how to connect theory to practice. The Wittics programs teach you how to do this while developing exciting data science solutions at the same time. Ultimately, enabling your talent, becoming a data translator, and having a real impact.

We develop you as a data science talent so that you can “translate” business knowledge to data solutions and help organizations to fully enjoy what data science has to offer.


The Wittics programs focuses on the interaction between you as a data scientist and colleagues/customers with a number of instruments:


In a relative short time span, you will see and experience multiple organizations and you will work on varied assignments to develop yourself as broadly as possible.

Personal development & coaching

You’ll gain insight into your talents / motivation and how you can use these to achieve a higher personal effectiveness in relation to your assignments. For this, you will be taught various techniques in the field of communication, personal leadership and coaching.

Innovative skills

Through innovative training methods you will learn to connect with the people of organizations and their challenges. You’ll engage your audience, increase the involvement of all parties and you learn how to guarantee results.

Community & mentoring

Wittics forms a data science community in which knowledge and practical examples are shared. From both fellow talents as well as experienced professionals. This also includes the latest techniques and ``best practices`` in the field of data science. Of course, there is also time for drinks and other fun activities!


Connecting the right talent

Do you want to fill your data science talent pipeline? Do you want to accelerate the development of data science talents? Or are you looking to start your own internal data science department?

Wittics can help you by connecting and developing the right talent. Our innovative programs develop data scientists to work interdisciplinary, allowing them to connect technology to business domains.

This allows you as an organization to focus on your core business while we make sure data science talents are trained to become real world problem solvers.

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Data analytics and science

Every organization has a certain “data maturity”. You can find your spot on the curve by seeing if your data can answer one of the following questions:

  • What has happened?
  • Why did this happen?
  • What will happen next?
  • Taking this into account, what decisions should we take?


Data translates into information which leads to “data-driven” decisions and therefore direct value. Our talents are trained to use data science to help you achieve this goal.

Our network

Wittics has access to a large group of data science talent. To guarantee and further develop this network, Wittics has partnered with Lefit.

For many years, Lefit has successfully mediated data scientists for renowned companies (both consultancy and non-consultancy). Combined, Wittics and Lefit are able to spot and connect data science talent. All Wittics data scientists are therefore “high potentials” which are of direct value to your organization.

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From technology to results with the Wittics method

You, as a candidate

... Learn to make an impact at organizations

... Are supervised by experienced data scientists

... Experience and get to know different companies

... Discover your talents and learn how to use them

... Are part of a data science community for the rest of your career

You, as an organization

... Have access to the best talents

... Achieve results and create more value with data science

... Accelerate continued growth

... Are part of an active and pragmatic data science community

... Get the best of both theory and practice

The Wittics method enables data science talents to connect advanced techniques with practical challenges through training on personal effectiveness and innovative skills like engagement and storytelling.


Gain and share knowledge

We believe in the power of connections. This also includes the connection between professionals. In addition to its traineeships, Wittics also forms a community where specialists and other interested parties come together. For example, we organize days in which we, together with data science talents and clients, discuss use cases, share knowledge and help each other. As well as our data professionals group with hundreds of specialists. Experiences are shared in order to realize effective applications of data science and consequently have a real impact.

Martijn Cornelissen

Martijn Cornelissen

Wittics – Program manager & Senior data scientist

“My ambition is to increase the impact of data science while at the same time enable personal growth of data scientists”

Martijn is program manager and senior data scientist at Wittics.

Over the last 10 years Martijn has participated in many data science/modelling projects. In various roles, from software developer to consultant/management and pre-sales. “Although most of these projects can be labelled as a “success” in term of deliverables, I had the feeling that there was still a lot of potential value to be gained from the interaction between the business domain and data specialists. Especially concerning the alignment between the two (often vastly different) areas of expertise.”

At Wittics, Martijn is responsible for the general organization of the programs. He believes that the translation of curiosity into smart and witty questions is key in connecting and understanding each other. Increasing impact via personal growth is his goal. Martijn also mentors data scientists and has been trained to coach young professionals.


Wittics is hiring!

Theory is fun but at the end we want to make a difference in the “real world”!

Are you almost or recently graduated in the field of data science, computer science, econometrics or similar? And are you willing to learn new and exciting skills that help you connect theory to practice?

In our program you’ll discover your talents, learn to speak the language of companies and engage management. Ultimately achieving personal growth while at the same time help companies with their journey of data-driven success. Enabling real impact with data science.

Want to know more? Have a look at our vacancy!

Business Traineeship Vacancy

Business Traineeship for starting Data Scientists

Jump-start your data science career!



Are you interested, as a candidate or as an organization, or do you have a question? Please feel free to contact us.


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